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White Structure
Carol Perry and O'Ryan and Finn

It's fun to get out...

I'm very lucky that O'Ryan and Finn take care of writing my newsletter.

It gives me a chance to get out of the house and have some fun with fellow writers and fans--

Whether it's a book signing at my local library, coffee with friends, or just hanging at a

conference where I get to meet fellow authors and book fans. 

Carol Perry, Rita Moreau and Tim McGee

With fellow writers, Rita Moreau, BonSue Brandvik, and Tim McGee.

Perry with Mayor of Seminole, Florida

With Mayor Leslie Waters of Seminole, Florida

Perry with BonSue Branvik and Rita Morea

With BonSue Brandvik & Rita Moreau -- we do like our coffee!.

PERRY WITH Harper St George

With  Harper St. George at NINC

Tradewinds, St Pete Beach, Florida

I had the opportunity to meet old friends and new at a fantastic NINC Convention in Florida..

Harper St. George

With Shrttill Bodine at NINC.

Brewster the Cat

O'Ryan has lots of four-legged friends who like to see him on the cover of Witch City mysteries.

Carol Perry promo
Carol Perry Birthday Lago Florida
Carol Perry in Salem, Massachusetts
Carol Perry with Cheryl Hollon
Halloween Lights

My family surprised me with flowers
when I was recording an interview at
TanTalk Radio Studio in Clearwater


Carol Perry and TanTalk Radio Studio, Clearwater, FL
Carol Perry Day on Joy on Paper radio program
Carol Perry celebrates with family

 Halloween 2022 

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