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Map of Salem

Carol J Perry

Carol with Mary Higgins Clark

I was born in Salem on Halloween Eve!

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Carol in Gloucester_Massachusetts
Carol Perry wearing Purple Witch Hat

That's me in my very special hat that I like to wear for book signings. Everyone wants a

selfie with me!

Olden book story in Salem

I was born in Salem, Massachusetts and I’m forever grateful to my parents for choosing that magical city for our home. (The fact that they chose Halloween eve for my birthday made it even better.) Memories of growing up in Salem—fortified by annual visits there—provide the locale for my Witch City Mystery series, replete with history, Halloween happenings, a most mysterious cat, O'Ryan, and of course, murders. 
My husband Dan and I now live in Florida—offering the warmer, but every bit as fascinating background for my new Haunted Haven Mystery series featuring an attractive small-town setting, far away from the theme parks but virtually teeming with ghosts, a friendly golden retriever, Finn, and—you guessed it—more murders. 
If you go to Salem, take a selfie holding one of my books and please upload it to my Facebook page. I love getting to know my readers.

O'Ryan is a very special cat & he has lots of fans.

My husband is a great sport--he takes care of things when I go off with O'Ryan to solve another mystery!

Carol's husband on boat
Carol's House

My desk is a work in progress. But I do love looking at O'Ryan's photo while I'm thinking up new ways to discover

a body--or two.  

Witch House in Salem

I get back to Salem as often as I can--and love every minute. I love
exploring this great city filled

with so much history.

Carol in Barnes and Noble

Special thanks to Barnes & Noble!

They have featured my books many times on the 'end caps' and it thrills

me every time. 

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