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Carol J Perry

Author of Two Cozy Mystery Series

Witch City Mysteries & Haunted Haven Mysteries

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Salem, Massachusetts


Witch City Mysteries

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First Twelve Witch City Mysteries'

Book #1
Caught Dead Handed
Book #2
Tails You Lose
Book #3
Look Both Ways
Book #4
Murder Go Round
Book #5
Grave Errors
Book #6
It Takes a Coven

Lee Barrett leaves

Florida to head back

to her roots in Salem.

Becoming a late night

TV psychic isn't exactly

her dream job!

It's fun to live with Aunt
Ibby, a feisty computer

savvy former librarian.

Pete Mondello, a local

cop is an eyeful.  

Lee's happy in Salem..

A dead man under an apple tree puts a damper on a wedding party.  

Day after Halloween gets spooky when all the dead

are resting in peace.

Book #7
Bells, Spells, and Murders
Book #8
Final Exam
Book #9
Late Checkout
Book #10
Murder Take Two
Book #11
See Something
Book #12
'Til Death

Holiday cheer turns into

fear when a Salem tour

guide is murdered.

Lee must solve a cold case and predict a killer's next victim before it is too late.

Lee loves the library, but

not stumbling on a dead

man in the stacks..

A copycat killer has Lee digging into Salem's

 history to find a clue.

Lee and Pete Mondello
have big plans, but her
past is sneaking up on her.

Lee has been promoted to field reporter. Aunt Ibby & O'Ryan help her find a killer.

Haunted Haven Mysteries

Set on the Gulf Coast of Florida

Book #1
Be My Guest
Publishers Weekly Starred Review
Book #2
High Spirits

Maureen Doughty leaves Boston and cold weather behind to head to sunny Florida. She's inherited

an old inn. What could possibly go wrong?

Haven Inn has a few

problems. Who left it to

her? Once popular with celebrities it needs fixing

up--and some famous

people are still around.

Finn from Haven Inn


Book #3
Haunting License

Inspired by an old brochure she finds in a trunk, Maureen

gets the brilliant idea to raise funds by reviving a June fishing tournament.

Cast off and enjoy!

A note...

Author Photo-Carol J Perry

It is a joy for me to write two mystery series.


Each of them is very dear to my heart. The WITCH CITY mysteries are set in Salem, where I was born on a spooky Halloween Eve. Well into that series, I was asked if I had any ideas for another series--this one set in Florida. Well, I did! Here on the Gulf Coast we have such a rich and fascinating history that I was inspired to write a story set in Haven,

my fictional town in Florida. My HAUNTED HAVEN series draws upon the many famous people who vacationed in my area. Some of them check into Haven Inn and seem to never leave.

I am very grateful to Kensington Publishers for the beautiful
covers they have created for both of my series. 

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