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Coming Sept. 2, 2014
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I’m delighted with the cover of “Caught Dead Handed.”  Isn’t it beautiful?  I think the artist has captured the mood of the book perfectly, and I’m especially happy with the portrayal of “O’Ryan” -the amazing cat who appears in all of my Witch City Mysteries.

My publisher, Kensington, has given me a peek at the artist’s sketch for the cover of the next book in the series, “Tails, You Lose.”  (Same artist, same attention to detail, same wonderful cat.) “Tails, You Lose.” will be in the stores in 2015, and I’m already hard at work on a third book as yet untitled.

Watch for the books at Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, etc, as well as quite a few indies.  Online too, of course.

Happy reading!

WATCH the trailer for "Caught Dead Handed"!!!
Coming in April 2015
Here is a sneak peek at the cover for "Tails, You Lose."