It Takes a Coven
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It Takes a Coven - When Lee Barret joins a former student's bridal party as maid of honor, she expects cake tastings and dress fittings.  But wedding planning becomes more peculiar than Lee's scrying talents could ever predict.  There's a magical baker, a best man with a checkered past, and a talking crow named Poe as the ring bearer.  There's also a kindly old man dead under his apple tree--one of a series of unexplained deaths hanging over the Wiccan community. 

Are lives being claimed by vengeful supernatural forces--or by something more shocking?  Lee, aided by her clairvoyant cat O'Ryan, sets out to investigate.  She soon discovers casting light on the wicked truth can be one killer commitment.

Murder Go Round
Murder Go Round was released on January 31st 2016 and the early reviews are really good! And can you believe it?

WATCH the trailer for "Murder Go Round"!!!
Grave Errors
Book #5, Grave Errors is already available for pre-orders. It’ll be online and in the bookstores in August. Here’s a sneak-peek at the great cover!

New Trailer Video for Grave Errors!
Here's the new video trailer from Von Henry Media!  This is my favorite one of all so far.
Here's the new video trailer from Von Henry Media!  Please check it out.
Here's the new video trailer from Von Henry Media for Final Exam.  Enjoy!!!
New Trailer Video for It Takes a Coven!
New Trailer Video for Final Exam
Sitting down with Seminole mystery author Carol J. Perry
Read my latest 'Question & Answer' session with the fine people of Creative Loafing.

Bells, Spells, and Murders
Bells, Spells, and Murders - Lee Barrett has landed her dream job at Salem’s WICH-TV. As the new field reporter, she’ll be covering events live as they’re unfolding. Next on her holiday checklist is an interview with the beloved chairman of a popular walking tour through Salem’s historic districts. But it may be his ghost walking this snowy Noel season after Lee finds him murdered in his stately offices, bloody Santa hat askew.

With her police detective boyfriend working the case and a witch’s brew of suspects-including some bell-ringing Santas-Lee chases down leads aided and abetted by her wise cat O’Ryan and some unsettling psychic visions of her own. When a revealing clue leads to another dead body, not even a monster blizzard can stop Lee from inching closer to the truth . . . and a scoop that could spell her own demise this killer Christmas.

Here's the new video trailer from Von Henry Media for Bells, Spells, and Murder.  Enjoy!!!
New Trailer Video for coming addition to the series...
Final Exam
Here's Book #8 in the series! Released February 26.

Aunt Ibby's 45th class reunion turns out to be a killer party!

Late Checkout
Here's Book #9 in the series! Release date is September 24,

The newest book in my Witch City Mystery series is LATE CHECKOUT! It will release on September 24. Watch for it!

New Trailer Video for Late Checkout
Here's the new video trailer from Von Henry Media for Late Checkout.  Enjoy!!!